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  5. "I respect you mother."

"I respect you mother."

Translation:Shikamoo mama!

March 17, 2017



Shikamoo in informal Persian means a gobbler or someone who likes to eat a lot :D


SHIKAMOO is a respectful way of saying how are you to mostly you elderly. The direct translation of I respect you is "Mimi na kuheshimu wewe"


Could anyone explain why "Mimi shikamoo wewe, mama" is not correct?


Shikamoo is a formal greeting for someone older than you. It's like saying: "How are you?" But it's literal translation is "I respect you." Adding in "mimi" and "wewe" would be redudant (and also not proper grammar, but that's besides that point, I think).


It stands on its own. Would be like saying "I hello you, mother"


Shikamoo is not actually the word for respect..it is used as respectful greeting...Heshima is word for respect ..you can say: mimi nakuheshimu (or ninakuheshimu)..by adding "ku" it is is refering to them in first person so need to add wewe after


Sorry meant mimi nakuheshima


My brain keeps saying your instead of you. That is quite a difference in meaning.


I respect you mother is actually literally translated as :ninakuheshima mama...shikamoo mama is a greeting of respect


It is taken as racist in some places because it was used as a greeting to Arab rulers loosely translated as "I kiss your feet"..it is still widely used as a greeting of respect to elders in Tanzania and on Kenyan coast

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