Japanese lesson: School vocabulary

I haven't posted a lesson in almost two months. I got a little discouraged, mainly because of the fact that there were many trolls downvoting my lessons, as well as the fact that the Japanese for English speakers course is coming out in a few months (hopefully!), so I did not see a reason to keep posting. However, I figured that seeing as many people still do want to learn Japanese, and I enjoyed making these lessons, I figured I would keep uploading them until the actual course came out.

Please, please, if you do not care about these lessons, rather than downvoting/commenting negatively, just scroll past them. Thank you.

And now the actual lesson.

I won't be going over school life in Japan, mainly as I have never had the chance to go to school in Japan. I will simply be going over the words common around a school (such as school supplies and names of rooms). I will be including some sentences as well, but not for all of them. The list is sort of long, so this will be a 2 part lesson, and part 2 will hopefully be posted tomorrow (3/18/17).


職員室(しょくいんしつ)shokuinshitsu-Teacher's Lounge


理科室(りかしつ)rikashitsu-Science Lab

校長室(こうちょうしつ)kouchoushitsu-Principal's office

音楽室(おんがくしつ)ongakushitsu-Music room


トイレ toireーBathroom



美術室(びじゅつしつ)bijutsushitsu-Art room


保健室(ほけんしつ)hokenshitsu-Nurse's room


太郎は美術室に行った tarou wa bijutsushitsu ni itta- Taro went to the art room

すみません。体育館はどこですか?sumimasen. Kaiikukan wa doko desu ka?- Excuse me, where is the gymnasium?



教頭先生(きょうとせんせい)kyoutosensei-Assistant principal

予後保健の先生(ようごほけんのせんせい)yougohokennosensei-School nurse


補助教諭(ほじょきょうゆ)hojokyouyu-Assistant teacher


その人は京都先生です。sono hito wa kyouto sensei desu- This is the assistant principal.

補助教諭は誰ですか?hojokyouyu wa dare desu ka?- Who is the assistant teacher?

先生が見えない。sensei ga mienai- I can't see the teacher

In (hopefully) tomorrow's lesson, there will be words for school supplies and subjects, as well as a few extra vocabulary. If I kept going on, the list would have been way, way to long.

As always; native speakers, please repeat my mistakes.


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March 17, 2017


What is the different between 教師 and 先生 ? :)

March 17, 2017

I am honestly not that sure. I think 'sensei' is more common in a sense that is used in schools other than university.

March 17, 2017

[deactivated user]

    Thanks guys! ^_^

    March 17, 2017
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