"O să apară un om slab la ușa ta."

Translation:A skinny man will appear at your door.

March 17, 2017

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om = bărbat, not just ”human”? Wiktionary says that the use of om as an alternative to bărbat is rare today, but perhaps the course makers want us to learn that we might encounter it in old books etc?


If somebody would say that sentence to me in everyday life, I would assume it's about a man (specifically, an adult man). Otherwise, I'd expect them to say "O să apară o femeie..." or something similar.


But would it sound old fashioned? Maybe there are dialectal differences in bărbat vs om?


No, I don't think it would sound old-fashioned. Not to me, at least. (I'm in my early 30's btw...) :-P


That's interesting! Dictionaries can be misleading sometimes... Have a lingot :)


I m romanian and it wouldn t because everyone uses om as barbat qnd rarely as femeie for exemple: O sa vina un om sa repare robinetul. U would expect a man not a woman otherwise u would say o sa vina o femeie.

ps:this is coming from a 13 year old


Is it imperative that it be in this order or can I say "un om slab o sa apara la usa ta" ?


You can say it like that as well.


A creep.will appear at my door?

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