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  5. "Beve un vino acido."


"Beve un vino acido."

February 25, 2013



For the information of those learning English: In the USA, one would never say "sour" wine. It could be "bitter" or "acidic".


"Never"? In my view, there's no reason why one couldn't describe a wine as sour. Like lemon juice, wine can be sour, bitter and acidic.

I'm English btw.


I'm American. Maybe that's the difference. But I cannot remember ever having heard or used any of these adjectives to describe wine. I wonder if, in Italian, ehy are referrring to some specific type of wine of which we are not aware. If they're really trying to teach us the word for "sour", it seems there would be many more logical choices for the subject of the sentence.


"Acido" translates directly "sour" and "acidic"

We use this definition for wines that taste a bit like vinegar.

"Bitter" would be "amaro" (the opposite of "dolce", "sweet")


I'm reading the Game of Thrones books written by an American and wine is described as sour in there quite often, though I would normally use bitter too (I'm English).


I'm American also, and the sentence sounded a little strange, but the use of "sour" is definitely not wrong. "Tart" and "acidic" sound better to me (when referring to wine).


Can this not be imperative, such as "Drink a sour wine!"?


Imperative implies "you", does it not? Therefore "beve" would not be correct.


Can you actually use "a" with "wine"? Does it mean "a portion of wine" or something along the lines?

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Yes, wine can be countable, and in that case it refers to different types; just as you'd speak of Italian wines, with the plural because it refers to several varietals.


Are you referring to English or Italian? I can answer with regards to (American) English. You don't want to use "a" to refer to a portion of wine. You would specify the portion, as in "I have a glass of wine", or "I may drink a sip of wine", or "Please bring a bottle of wine". As f.formica says, you can speak of different types of wine using "a"; e.g., "I like a nice red wine" or "Do you want to order a Pinot Grigio (wine)?" In the latter, I would omit the word "wine" and just say the type ("a red", "a Malbec", "a Chardonnay"). You can also say "a glass of red" or "a sip of Zinfandel", etc.


How can "it drinks a sour wine" be a correct answer?

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The subject could be an animal, so any third person singular would do.


Why not "she drinks a sour wine"?


What do you mean? That's what I wrote, and it was fine.


Duolingo is continuously updated, so it's probable that someone reported that "she drinks a sour wine" wasn't being accepted, and it was subsequently added as an acceptable translation.


For the record, I'm American and I see absolutely no problem with saying "sour wine". Now, I can't say I've heard it used before, but that doesn't make it an invalid Italian sentence. The goal is, of course, to understand it in Italian, so if you're translating it back to English in your head to figure it out, and then complaining that it doesn't sound right.... You're doing it wrong (there are occasional exceptions).

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