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"Les petits verres"

Translation:The small glasses

February 25, 2013



Could these mean both small glasses in which you pour liquid into or/and small glasses as in eyewear?


I don't believe it can mean the latter. "Eyeglasses" should be "lunettes." It can, however, mean "lenses," such as in "verres correcteurs" ("corrective lenses") or "verres de contact" ("contact lenses," also known as "lentilles de contact").


How can we distinguish the singular from the plural form. When we hear the phrase, not when we write it. For me, it sounds the same. For ex. les petits verres or le petit verre?


les sounds like 'lay'. Le sounds like 'lur'


verre means glass and drink. Would The small drinks be also a correct translation?

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"Verre" only refers to a "drink" when the surrounding context allows it. It is not automatically a drink.


verre does not mean drink, in french drink = boire. Perhaps in english drink has Several meaning ? I am french.


Viens prendre un verre. Is it not translated in french as ' Come have a drink'. I think so.isn't it??


Yes it's a french expression but "LES petits verres" does not mean drink. In your expression the verb is "Viens prendre" not "verre" An other expression that mean the same : "Un petit verre ?" = "Tu veux boire un verre ". If someone ask you "un petit verre ?", he ask you if you want un glass of drink, often alcool.


I suspect that would be "come have a glass." Or perhaps an invitation to "raise a glass." DEFINTELY not the same as small drinks! Bad owl!


why can it not be "cups"? or is that a different word in french?


Spot on, cups as a noun is "tasse".


Hey, has anyone tried "Les petits vers"? Does it work? I said "verres" and got it right, but I was curious.

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It's true that "les petits verres" (the little glasses) sounds the same as "les petits vers" (the little worms). Once staff processes the request, "les petits vers" may be accepted from a "type what you hear" exercise.


No "vers" has the same pronunciation but a different meaning "In the direction of" or "Towards" And "vert" in french = "green" in english, it's has the same pronunciation too


in this context, "vers" would be the noun, not the preposition — "les petits vers" means "the little lines [of poetry]" (sg. "le vers"). so it's grammatical but not an accurate translation.


Ok it's true, but that is very, very rarely use in french in this meaning. Except in a very special context.


Since petit is small, wouldn't "tiny" be ok as well?


Tiny would be better translated as minuscule, shot glasses would be minuscule whereas a small glass of water might be petite.


The word "verres"-glasses could very easily be confused with the word "vers"-worms. They sound the same and there is nothing to distinguish them in the rest of the sentence


I should know this by now I suppose but .... : / when do you use "petits" versus "petites"? Are they the same?


petites is for female objects, while petits is for male, i believe


I thought they meant 'worms'. The french word for worms is 'vers' if I am not mistaken

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