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Either/or option for assignments

I use a combination of completion goals and XP goals for assignments. At times when a skill completion assignment is assigned some students who work ahead automatically go ahead on future skills (which is fine and it shows initiative), but their work is technically turned in as soon as it's assigned and they can get away with doing no work on duolingo.

Similarly, when an xp goal is assigned (with the intent that students go back and strengthen old skills) some students choose to work ahead as opposed to strengthening old skills.

I would like it if there were a way to assign strengthening skills as a lesson. Where it would only record it towards their assignment if they were indeed strengthening old skills. I know this can technically be assigned and checked manually one by one in activity details, but it would make grading less cumbersome if this could be an actual assignment feature. Or perhaps, an assignment could be to either complete this skill OR strengthen it to gold or to complete x amount of XP. Having an either/or option would be beneficial in instances like these.

Also, for some students, their assignments do not appear on the right hand side of the tree in their duolingo home screen although they are in my class and their progress is registered accurately on my dashboard. Their assignment is posted elsewhere, so nobody has an excuse to say they didn't know, but just curious why this is and what can be done about it.


March 17, 2017



There's no way of assigning strengthening a skill, no. It's also not possible to assign a homework of golding the tree, or keeping it gold, or earning XP that isn't from endlessly repeating the first lesson of the first skill, etc. There's also a lot of detail about your students use of Duolingo that you won't be able to see.

It's early days for the Duolingo for Schools system, and there's a lot of stuff that a teacher needs that hasn't been implemented yet.


How do I work with a student learning English who does not speak any of the offered languages. I cannot do English to English for her so that I can work side by side with her. She speaks Tamil.


Duolingo's courses have to be built one by one. There isn't a course teaching English to Tamil speakers yet. It's being developed at the moment, but it's at an early stage, so at best it'll be several months before the course is available for your student.

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