"This woman employs both architects."

Translation:Ta kobieta zatrudnia obu architektów.

March 17, 2017



I tried "oboje". Wrong. Instead, DL suggested obydwu.

If anyone knows a reliable declension table for both (!) obaj and oboje, please post.


As far as I understand it, obydw... is a synonym:

obaj = obydwaj
oba = obydwa
obie = obydwie
obu = obydwu
oboma = obydwoma
obiema = obydwiema

This would mean that possible answers included:

obu architektów = both (male) architects
obydwu architektów = both (male) architects
obie architektki = both (female) architects
obydwie architektki = both (female) architects

As for a mixed group - no idea!

March 17, 2017


Yes it is a synonym, obaj/obydwaj(and the other forms of these two) can fully replace each other in all situations.

As for „oboje” it should have been accepted, actually – „oboje”(and it's forms) is a 'collective both', used for mixed gender and not-masculine-personal pluralia tanta, it's declension is(plural only):

  • Nominative: oboje
  • Genitive: obojga
  • Dative: obojgu
  • Accusative: oboje
  • Instrumental: obojgiem
  • Locative: obojgu
  • Vocative: oboje

Since there is nothing that would suggest one gender of the architects in question over the other in the original sentence, it is a valid interpretation, IMO.

Edit about your edit:

*obie/obydwie architektki ;)

March 18, 2017


Thank you :)
This has been quite hard to grasp - especially oboje, and those synonymous forms. Slowly figuring it out.

Thanks too for the correction (corrected). ;)

March 18, 2017


Added "oboje" and "obydwoje", also added "architektki" (my gosh what a word, how is anyone supposed to pronounce it).

March 18, 2017
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