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"If a car will not come, we will not go"

Translation:Gari lisipo kuja hatutakwenda

March 17, 2017



Why is there a required space between lisipo and kuja?


possibly an error. Report it just to be safe.


Why ku+enda and not enda??? It's not monosyllabic


That must be an error. Previous answers in these same lessons on negative conditionals use "hatutaenda."


It's a variation. Some people leave the "ku" on and treat it like "kukwenda".


It's a variation, however the verb is 'ku-enda' = 'kwenda' (not 'kukwenda'). Although it is not a monosyllabic verb, it is usually treaded as a monosyllabic verb. So, you can both write 'hatutakwenda' and 'hatutaenda'. And 'lisipokuja' should be written as one word.


This was the only sentence that showed up in this lesson for me. Strange.


Hmm Duolingo seemed to let me skip the second exercise too... strange skill..


I had exactly what the answer was and it was declared wrong


The second sentence which contains separate- lisipo kuja. Also from this what I know " kwenda" isn't monosyllabic verb. The only possible was translation in " google translator ( which I trust not at all ) and there I've got two versions : 1) lisipokuja - it will not come 2) lisipo kuja - before it comes. Somebody can really confirm that - lisipo kuja - it is a mistake ? Please. :)


Currently - 3th time lisipo kuja ( separately )


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