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I know many of us are a little frustrated by the lack of Irish recordings for words (especially those of us who are auditory learners and feel they need to hear a word over and over for it to stick) but a few months ago I found a fantastic resource to fill this need - Forvo!

Forvo is a kind of online pronunciation dictionary that crowdsources its pronunciations from native speakers who use the site. Translations can be rated by other users, and the speaker's country of origin is shown with every pronunciation. There is also the option to request pronunciations through Forvo if you cannot find the word you are looking for.

There are many other languages available besides Irish, and they have a mobile app as well! (I know Android and Apple users each have their own respective apps. I've only ever used the Android one, and it's very functional and user-friendly.) It's a great resource in general, but I feel it's especially useful for supplementing the Irish course to help expose learners to more of the sound of the language.

I realized that there seems to be little mention of it in the forums, so I thought I'd put this here so that others who may not have heard of it may take advantage of this gem of a resource.

Website: 'Forvo Pronunciation Guide' on the Android Appstore 'Forvo Pronunciation' on Apple

Happy Learning!

1 year ago


The issue is that any speaker can post on Forvo, and native or fluent speakers aren't always what you'll get. Bríd Éilis is a native speaker from Connemara, however, and I recommend listening to her if she's recorded the word. Otherwise, take it with a grain of salt.

1 year ago

The pronunciation database at is a more reliable resource than forvo. Like YouTube, forvo can be entertaining and useful, but it can't always be relied on. The technical variation between different home made recordings makes comparison between different speakers saying the same word both confusing and frustrating if you don't know what the word is supposed to sound like in the first place.

The speech synthesis system at, while not ideal, is also a useful resource.

1 year ago

I use the Connacht pronounciation in Can you comment how good these voices are?

Edit: Never mind. uses the same voices as

1 year ago
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