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Why have my skills reset?

I have been keeping all of my skills golden, working on them daily whenever I saw the bar go down a bit, and then suddenly after completing a skill today, I noticed that quite a few of the skills I had previously completed now show that I have/ not done them at all. Why did this happen and is there any way to fix it

March 18, 2017



First of all: I have not been doing any German on Duolingo.

I would guess your tree got updated. They add new words every so often, and your progress could still be there, but as you have not yet learned the new words, your skills are being "un-learned". If I am correct, I'm afraid there's nothing you can do about it. You can just comfort yourself by the thought that you're going to learn more German with this wonderful online resource.

I sincerely hope this helps you, good luck! =)


Yep, they updated the German tree. A lot. I heard someone say there was over 70 new lessons!


Same here. Quite a disappointment. I wish they would have just created new lessons, rather than adding components to old lessons and erasing my recorded progress from them and locking me out of several until I complete other, prerequisite stages that I completed a while back.

I have completed some of the ones Duolingo has now told me I must do over. I did notice a new word or two on some, but not on all. It feels more like they made a slight addition, perhaps adding a word or a phrase or something to a lesson and, somehow, this constitutes suggesting we haven't completed a stage or skill.

This is poor, if not lazy, design in my view.


Could it be that the language creators have placed the new material in the MOST suitable place for language learners and NOT in the most convenient place for the students.


How to: Check if you have the updated German Tree!


It is just an annoying feature that they assume you forget stuff. I came back after a year in the Australian bush to find all my skills reset to none when in fact I am pretty fluent... they need to stop doing this and only put you down if you make errors !

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