"I had already gotten gift"

Translation:Nilikwisha pata zawadi

March 18, 2017

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What is up with the extra space?


Even without the space it's wrong. You can say "Nilishapata zawadi" or "Nilikwisha kupata zawadi" though the latter is rare.


Nilikwishapata makes no sense?


The only place that I have ever seen it is in the example for this section. The first form that I gave is a contracted version of the second one (dropping the "kwi" and the " ku"). I suppose it's possible to contract it as "Nilikwishapata" (dropping just the " ku"), but I've never heard that in four years in East Africa.


Thanks. It sounds like the kind of theoretical form that should exist, but since it is neither colloquial nor formal, nobody would. I wonder whether it was ever a widely used form.


A google search does return a few results from native speakers.

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