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What is the best sounding language on Duolingo?

I'm learning French so I may be a bit biased here, but even before I started to learn French I always thought that French was the least barbaric and the most melodious language in the world.

For you what is the nicest sounding language?

March 18, 2017



Japanese. It has a reverse tree up so I think it counts. Though I might caution people against learning a language just because they like how it sounds, because once you get good at a language you can't hear it as waves of sounds anymore...

March 18, 2017


That is an excellent point.

[deactivated user]

    By how beautiful they sound to my ears, I would say French with Italian running a close second. Then Spanish. I love the sound of German also. So rough and yet attractive... I think that's my number 4.


    "I always thought that French was the least barbaric and the most melodious language in the world."

    How can a language be 'barbaric'? Does it kidnap other languages and sacrifice them to its gods?


    Not necessarily, but think of the word barbaric as sounding 'harsh'. Some languages do make your ears bleed. Again it's very subjective thing so you may not feel that way.


    A barbaric language sounds pretty cool Mr Eyl!


    French sounds very pretty to me, and Italian is very smooth.


    french without a doubt i have always liked it


    im learning welsh and i find it easy for me to understand. I found Spanish really hard


    Well that's a pretty subjective question but to me it's Ukrainian.


    Indeed! That's interesting, why Ukrainian?


    Agreed! It's the uniqueness of Russian and the elegance of Italian all at once. (at least, that's what it sounds like)


    Whichever one I'm studying at the moment, I always find :)


    Welsh. No doubt


    I reckon Spanish is a soothing language. Welsh is very hard to understand


    i think Spanish sound pretty nice and the pronunciation is not that hard :)


    In a classroom-based French course I took long ago, and there was Chinese student whose English sounded like the ringing of a bell. It was extraordinary and unique. When she spoke her native Chinese, however, that quality completely disappeared. This is not to say that English sounds beautiful, but that vocal quality depends on many factors


    I'd vote for Irish

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    I have always loved the sound of Welsh, even before I started to learn it. But I'm a quarter Welsh so I'm probably biased!


    Vietnamese, To me it has such a musical and pretty sound :)


    A long time ago I took a few years of Russian courses. The head of the Russian house at that university grew up in a region where the bard tradition - the storytellers and oral historians - was still active. I thought that the way he spoke Russian was wonderful and melodious. I suspect this might be true in any regions of the world, where people still have oral histories?


    Varies from person to person; but for me, Russian is music to the ears.


    I think that there are so many beautiful sounding languages, but my personal favourite on Duolingo is Polish. I love it's "whispery" quality and how it flows, despite those intimidating-looking vowel clusters.


    I've never even considered learning it, but I love listening to people speaking Tamil (Sri Lanka). To me it sounds like bells ringing :)

    If I have to choose from the languages I do speak, I pick Italian - it's just so enjoyable to speak Italian.


    Funny you should mention this. I'm actually from the country you speak of! We hear Tamil everyday and had to learn it in school as a second language. It is a very old language, but before this I've never heard anyone compare it to the sound of bells ringing :D


    What a coincidence! : D Tamil really sounds awesome: I always get the impression that the syllables are bouncing around in the speakers' mouth like the ball in a pinball machine.


    I am probably biased also, but love the way I sound when speaking Italian. I'd like to add this: Have you noticed how no one has selected (American) English? Lol!!


    Not just Amerrican English, actually no one has selected English at all.

    But it may be what 'bokusenou' is saying. As all of here are speakers of the English language we don't hear the waves of sound anymore.


    You spoke to soon there, I'm Swiss and I speak the very rough sounding Swiss German. Some people think it sounds like a throat infection :)


    Welsh. I'm learning it just because it sounds so pleasant.

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