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Want to learn Esperanto *in* Esperanto?

Here are 3 great ways:

Esperanto-lernantoj de Duolingo

This group is only in Esperanto for Duolingo of both the Esperanto courses for English and Spanish speakers (and soon Portuguese!) A great way to have an interesting conversation between North and South America. :)


Free conversational Skype course. Name a topic and they'll find one of their 10 experts worldwide who will talk with you about it in Esperanto!


An app to meet Esperanto speakers near you. It's currently in private beta testing, but you can sign up to try it out. New testers are added to the system every week.

March 18, 2017



Thanks for sharing.


I will include Telegramo.org for Telegram groups and channels in Esperanto.


Yes, very good resource!!


Ĉu oni povas uzi Amikumu-on retpaĝe?


Thanks for sharing! on the sign up for amikumu, it says how much we donated. I was late in hearing about this and, unfortunatly, was unable to donate anything at the time. Will my application be void because of this? Dankon! sur la beto faza de amikumu, gxi diras kiom da ni donis, mi estis malfrue kaj bedauxrinde, mi ne povis donis io cxe la horon. Cxu mia formularon malplenos cxar de tiu cxi? dankon vi tre multe! :) (Mi petas se mia Esperanton ne estas mirinda!)


You'll still be in the queue - just not at the front of it! They're adding new testers each week, so shouldn't be too long... :)


I was accepted into it last week even though I marked that I donated 0€. As okayborednow said, you'll simply be put at the back of the queue, but I was accepted within a week. Seems they need more testers than they had backers (or at least more in my area; I'm the only one for 150km...)


thank you both so much! this was very helpful! :)

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