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  5. "Von außen?"

"Von außen?"

Translation:From the outside?

March 18, 2017



Can I be as bold as to request some clarification? Außen draußen Außenhalb?


"außen" = "at/on the outer side of sth."

"Der Hund hat sein Fell außen." = "A dog has its fur on the outside."

"Der Postkasten ist außen am Haus." = "The Mail Box is on the outside of the house."

"draußen" = "outside (as opposed to inside) in a context"

"Komm nach draußen, das Wetter ist gut." = "Come outside, the weather is good."

"Das Wasser fließt aus der Kanne nach draußen." = "The water pours out of the pot outside."

"außerhalb" = "outside of sth."

"Ich bin außerhalb des Hauses, ich bin draußen." = "I am outside of the house, I am outdoors."

"Das Wasser ist außen an der Kanne, also ist es außerhalb davon." = "The water is on the outside of the pot, so it is outside of it."

"Außerhalb der Öffnungszeiten haben wir geschlossen." = "Outside from the opening hours, we are closed."


So außen and außenhalb look same


It's not "außenhalb" but "außerhalb". And it is not the same as "außen". "außen" is always attached to something, "außerhalb" is just behind the border so to say. In this example, it makes not much difference though. As you look at the direction from where it comes.


What exactly is it you want to know ?


I wrote "from without," but it was not accepted. It's a bit archaic, I suppose, but it does still work, right? (I submitted it as a possible correct answer.)


"von" - from, "außen" - outside. Hence - "from outside". I understand that colloquially I might say "from the outside" but I would also have no problem with "from outside". This sentence is annoying.


außen is "on the outside*.

"outside" is draußen.

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