"He walked to his home."

Translation:El a mers pe jos până acasă.

March 18, 2017

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Where is the translation of "pe jos"? Why not simply say "A mers acasa"? Why not accept it, at least? "a merge" has been used on several occasions in the Romanian tree to translate "to walk".


"umblat" means walked. El a umblat acasă would be the simplest translation. I would prefer if the English version said "he went on foot" to better translate the excess verbiage.


Don't know why you got downvotes for this comment, Coyote; I think you hit the nail on the head.


A merge means walk/go, so to be explicit that you’re walking, you can add “pe jos”


"a merge" is "to go". "a merge pe jos" is "to go by foot". You can "merge" by taxi (eu am mers cu taxiul). often if you say that somebody went somewhere it might be the case that they went by foot, but this is not a verb meaning specifically to walk.


"Pe jos până" means "walk" (on his feet, in this case.


“Pe jos” means “by foot”, and până means until/up to/towards


I wouldn't mind if pe jos was at least in the hint

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