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Two accounts on a single email: problems with login

My mom is learning languages on Duolingo. She created an account and then forgot the password. Then she created another account on the same email but different login name. She did a great progress on the second account but now the problem appears. When she tries to login from another computer with the email address Duolingo shows the account from the first old account. When she tries to login with the new login she got "Wrong username or password" and the password is correct and works on another computer and with email login.

Please help. It is fine to loose the old account but it's important to save the new account.

March 11, 2014



Does she know the username of both accounts? It might be best to file a ticket on this once since we'll need to trade some info which is better done through support.


Thank you. It turned out to work fine with the new account name, there was really a wrong password.


I think you need two email accounts for two duolingo accounts.


I don't need two accounts. I need access to an existing account.


Hi, I don't know if this was able to be resolved or not. I changed phones and on my old phone I had created an account with username "caro6032", when I got my phone, i decided to use google plus to activate my account because my gmail address is the same as the one I used to open the "caro6032" account. However, duolingo created a new username for me "CarolineBl13". Now when I try to access my caro6032 account with the correct email it resets the password for the "CarolineBl13" account. Is there anyway to recover my old account username? Can i merge my progress?


I think you may try to login with your old username instead of email and to recover the password from there.

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