"Ella es la mejor de su clase."

Translation:She is the best of her class.

February 25, 2013



mejor = better. Throw el or la in, and you get the best

April 6, 2013


Many comparitive adjectives, if not all in spanish do this

February 12, 2015


How do we know if it is 'your' or 'her' class without further context?

March 4, 2013


Su can mean his/her/your (formal)/their/its. Su agrees in number with clase (su clase or sus clases). Her seems to be most likely choice for this sentence because she must be in the class to be the best of the class. Your would make sense if you were talking to another member of the class the teacher of the class.

August 12, 2013


Hola EvilEllie: We don't.

October 17, 2013


"She is the top of her class" not accepted -.-

January 15, 2015


mejor= better/best not top

May 28, 2017


"Of her class" sounds like you're talking about a boat or something. "In her class" sounds better (to me) if you're talking about a class made up of students.

April 7, 2017


su can mean your as well as his/her/its. so this should be fixed to include "she is the best of your class"

February 25, 2013


Lucky me. "She is the best in the class" was marked correct.

January 28, 2014


Hermione Granger

October 14, 2016


Your should be right. It didn't specify whether it was her class or usted's

May 18, 2014


Classy lady

October 21, 2014


su can also refer to his, not only to her

December 31, 2014


why cannot I translate "la clase" with "the classroom"?

March 9, 2015


It would be very weird?

September 1, 2015


Well Maybe I am wrong, but I am pretty sure that in Spanish you say "la clase" to translate "the classroom" as well as to translate "the class", like we do in italian, with "la classe"

September 2, 2015


You misunderstand. I wasn't querying the vocabulary, I was commenting on why your choice on this occasion would be wrong or at least so unlikely an option that it would be a poor translation. "Best of the classroom"? I think it is reasonable to word it in English as "best IN the class" as that is more commonly said, I believe, but as the classROOM is a place I think you would have to use "en" to mean IN. And in any case it is an odd observation.

September 3, 2015


I wrote "She is the best....." but I think I have also heard "mejor " used to mean "older" as in "mi hermano mejor" for "my older brother".

October 1, 2015


You probably know this by now, but I think you meant "mayor" for "older" (mi hermano mayor)?

January 17, 2016


Si, gracias.

January 17, 2016


Doesn't the sentence sound better as, "she is the best out of the whole class."?

August 2, 2016


No, I'm afraid it doesn't.

September 12, 2017


what is wrong with "she is the top of her class?"

September 13, 2016


Why do you have to type ''at''?

February 9, 2017


I took a shot at idiom and tried "She is the head of the class" but it was not accepted. I do not necessarily think it should be, but I wanted to see for myself.

April 23, 2017
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