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Impossible to finish because of the item on 'weighing someone's beauty'. The 3 distractors are too long and are covering the 'continue' button. the only thing that is left to do is Quit, so nobody can ever complete this section.

1 year ago

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You might want to move this question to Troubleshooting so more people will see it and be able to offer a solution.

Meantime, I don't move forward by clicking 'continue', but by pressing "enter" on my keyboard after selecting an answer. Usually takes a couple of presses --have you tried that?

PS- how do you weigh someone's beauty?

1 year ago
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I assume you're on PC, I don't touch the mouse, learn the keyboard shortcuts. On multiple choice press 1,2,3 to select/deselect those options, then just press the enter button and it'll go on next, you don't need to click it.

When you learn keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+Space to replay audio or CTRL+SHIFT+Space to repla in slowmo etc then you'll find it much easier and quicker to navigate.

1 year ago
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