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  5. "Widzę pokój bez okien."

"Widzę pokój bez okien."

Translation:I see a room without windows.

March 18, 2017



Widzę komputery bez okien ;)


"I see the room without windows" should be excepted.


I put in,I see see a room without a window and it got rejected, whether it's 1 or a dozen, no window in a room is a room without windows.


I see your point, but unless it's really needed, we prefer to keep close to the original structure - so we can make sure that you know that "bez okien" is Genitive plural, not Genitive singular. Which would be "bez okna".


The problem is that there are too many different prepositions in this section, so i have idea why "okien" would be singular. Even grouping them would give less impression of random word forms.


Dobrze panie, moge to kupic. I wanted an explanation so I'd know why something is aid the way it is.There is nothing as bad as doing a job and not doing it well, thanks.


In my list of noun forms I cannot find a plural genitive that ends in -en


"Neuter nouns ending with –ko or –ło, after the dropping of “o” receive -e before adding –k/-ł ending.

If after the removal of the letter -o the part “kn” remains, letters -ie are placed before the ending."


I see a room without windows also applies to this, the meaning in English would apply to both versions as it is a very flexible language, there are several ways to say a sentence to have the same meaning.


"I see a room without windows" is exactly the answer that I see here.


Is there something about negating a thing in polish that makes it genitive? Forgetting, negating and without require genitive from what I see, maybe I am assuming too soon but whenever the existence or presence of someone/something is suppresed/negated I see polish makes it genitive, will that be like that always?


Some learners see it this way, it may be helpful I guess, but that for sure doesn't guarantee Genitive.

Please remember that not every negation takes Genitive. If you negate a verb that took Accusative, it takes Genitive instead. But other cases stay the same.


I certainly did not recognize "I see." And why almost shouting bez?

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