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"Дай мне пальто и шапку, пожалуйста."

Translation:Give me the overcoat and the hat, please.

March 18, 2017



"The" is not necessary in front of "hat".


agree, marked as wrong


"A" is also not necessary before "hat".


Agree. "A" is especially not needed if you said "the coat." I had, "give me the coat and hat," but Duo corrected it to "the coat and a hat," which is silly. "The coat and the hat" makes sense if he is ready to buy these after trying them on. "The coat and hat" makes sense if he checked them together coming into a night club and is now ready to leave.


I said, “Give me a coat and hat please,” and it said I was wrong.

But then when it came up again, I said, “Give me a coat and a hat please,” and it said I was correct.

Like, what


Why does this sentence have мне when in other sentences it is left out. How do I know when to include мне and when not to include it


There's no rule fo that. You can use it or omit it, the meaning won't change. The only minor difference is that without "мне" the sentence becomes more abrupt and might come of as slightly rude. But it depends on the situation and your intonation.


Can't "cap" work here?


For 'cap' we say 'кепка', which is a direct borrowing from English, thus making it a very precise translation.


Hmm. Кепка is baseball cap. Шапка is ok for cap in my opinion (just checked the images in wiki just in case =). And hat should actually be 'шляпа' because of the brim.


Ok, I just see that it might have come from French. But, anyway, both English cap and Russian кепи/кепка have the same origin and mean exactly one and the same thing :)


Is шапка any kind of hat, or only those specific russian fur hats? In french we call those "chapka"


Neither, actually. It includes most if not all types of fur hats and knit caps. But other kinds of hats (straw hats, bowler hats, fedoras, etc.) would not be called "шапка", but "шляпа" instead.


russian does not have the and a

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