"Culoarea piersicii este portocalie."

Translation:The color of the peach is orange.

March 18, 2017

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My impression is that the TTS says ”piersici” when you play it at ”normal” (or REALLY FAST) speed but ”piersicii” when you play it slowed down. This kind of ”i vs. ii” inconsistency is an issue in many sentences... it's a bit confusing. I hope it's just a Beta version issue!


Indeed. Perhaps it is an issue with word recordings being cut too short. Also the accent o portocalie is wrong in my opinion.


Out of curiosity, how do you slow down the TTS? I can't seem to find any button/option to do that...
At "normal" speed, it incorrectly says "piersici" instead of "piersicii", and also places the accent on the wrong syllable in "portocalie", i.e. it says "por-to-CA-li-e" instead of "por-to-ca-LI-e".


The "turtle" button! But that option is only available in "listening exercise" sentences, though.


Question to razvan.marin - you say that in common romanian talks sounds of "i" and "ii" must be pronounsed accordingly like short and long "i: ? Till this moment I think that single "i" just become "dark" (dissappear ) and doble one becoms short - accordingly to the pronounsing of the speaker at exercises . May this must be reported - it is important if I understand wright. But I do not know


Poor sound quality on 2 of the slow speed sound bytes on this question.

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Even more, how can your tell if it is an orange-coloured peach or rather a peach-shaped orange?

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