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"O que você faria se perdesse o seu emprego?"

Translation:What would you do if you lost your job?

March 11, 2014



In another example. " Talvez eu usasse um cinto de outra cor. " Duolingo says in this example " usasse " means " would have used " So i want to ask, why isn't it same in this " perdesse " exam. I really got confused.. I can't even explain what i mean.. This is so confusing. I need a good explanation.


Would have used = tivesse usado. Yes, I don't think I got your point.


I mean for "usasse" we use ( would have used ) but why don't we use ( would have lost) for perdesse ? In this example, perdesse used for "if you lost" Tivesse = would have used Perdesse = if you lost What is the difference ?


For usasse I use "used". Would have used = teria/tivesse usado.


So, which is the subjunctive past in this sentence? Talvez eu usasse um cinto de outra cor. Maybe i used a belt in a different color?


Yes, or simply "would use", but not "woukd have used" ;)


I think that the difference it's because in english you use the auxiliary "have" to indicate a period of time, like if you "had" used your belt for some time. In this sentence, losing a job is instantaneous, so you use the simple past tense.


I substituted job with 'employment' - would that not be a correct option?

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