"He's a man."

Translation:Dyn yw e.

March 18, 2017



I know the point of this sentence is to practise different dialect forms of the verb bod, but can't we also accept 'Dyn mae e,' too?

March 18, 2017

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There are two correct ways of saying this:-

Dyn yw e/Dyn ydy o = 'He is a MAN' (Man is he) = the emphatic sentence, with different intonation it can become a question too.

Mae e'n ddyn/Mae o'n ddyn = 'He is a man' = the non emphatic sentence

March 19, 2017


I cannot find this phrase in the current version of the course, so I cannot comment on its purpose.

The expected translations would be variations of 'Dyn ydy/yw e/o'. As it is an emphatic pattern starting with a noun, the form of the verb has to be ydy/yw.

mae would be used at the start of an unemphatic sentence, or following a question word such as pryd/ble/sut/pam?

March 18, 2017
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