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I am trying to learn Swedish so when my grandchild is born I will be able to communicate in her father's mother tongue (and understand what she says about me when I'm old and grey - ha ha). My daughter isn't preggers yet - so I have AT LEAST 9 months plus about 2.5 years till they are speaking.
I'm writing to say I began this journey just opening up the app and doing the lessons. That was easy and fun at first - but as we got into a lot more material (especially the grammar) - I couldn't remember it all off the top of my head and was getting discouraged. Add to that my "auto correct spelling" kept changing my answers and they would come up wrong. Grrr -

  • Undo automatic spellcheck before you start the lesson (tip #1).

I fell upon the tiny cards app that works in conjunction with the duolingo sessions. I began to do the cards for the lessons I had not yet done, right before going on to the lesson. (or the night before). Before doing the lesson - I write on a sheet of paper (entitled whatever the lesson is) the words from each section. Now they are in my brain at least twice before I begin the lesson. As I go through, I write on the paper each word's pronunciation and meaning next to the already written down words . I do this as I go along the lesson. (this process is tip #2)

When I am done with the lesson (at least two at a time) I practice the pronunciations (this again underscoring the words in my brain). Along the way I have a sheet of paper that I collect (from the sentences in the sessions) sentences I would use every day. I randomly practice these (while waiting for someone on the phone, or stopped at a light in traffic, etc. (tip #3)

Another idea, if you have an extra few minutes, is I go up to the top of the lessons and hit "strengthen" whatever words in that lesson. I do this as quickly as I can - since it's all review. (tip #4)

I do this to one or two of the lessons (especially ones that are harder for me to get all right) BEFORE starting out on a new lesson. I find that if I get more than 3 wrong - I spend more time on that old lesson before moving ahead. By constantly revisiting old lessons and pre-exposing myself to the new material in the new lessons before beginning - I am really making much better progress. The lingots are a great motivation for me to not skip a day too. I love the tips people share, and especially the discussion when I don't understand something. I've looked at other apps/ways to learn. So far I'd say this one is best. Hope someone gets something out of this. I am almost 59 years old and was nervous about learning another language...this really made it possible to learn with confidence!

March 18, 2017



Another tool that may help you is Lang-8, which is a website where you can write whatever you want in the language you're learning and have it corrected by native speakers of that language. Additionally, Memrise is good for vocabulary (it's like TinyCards, but it's been around longer and has more stuff on it), Anki allows you to make your own flashcards, and Radio Sweden på lätt svenska is a news site in simple Swedish.

Congratulations on your work so far!


Thanks for the many good suggestions! I'm pretty intimidated right now. I freeze up when my son in law comes over - but he is so sweet and very encouraging. I want to visit Sweden where his parents are one day and would love to speak Swedish there. Obviously I won't be doing this for a year or more! Ha! I will use your suggestions. Tack sa mycket!


Hey Margie, glad to have you here. I hope you'll enjoy the course, and the forums! Your advice is sage; I lost track a long time ago of how many notebooks I've filled during practice sessions. If I may offer a small piece of advice on my own, your post will be easier to read if you press enter twice instead of once to create new paragraphs.


Thank you for responding. I will do as you mentioned if I find other hints to post. I'm such a beginner I don't expect to though - but I do learn a lot from others' suggestions. I note you are studying SIX languages? You must be European? Impressive!


Well, I'm half Swedish and half German so it's only five, really. Plus Spanish and French are very closely related, so more like four and a half. :)


Wow, you have a great streak! And I agree, six languages is pretty impressive! I would never be able to keep up with that :)

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