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"Eu pensei que esse programa ajudasse os animais."

Translation:I thought that that program helped the animals.

March 11, 2014



"I thought that programme would help animals"

Not a specific group of animals, but in a general sense. I think this is correct.


‘Then I actually Google’d PETA.’


Came here to post something like this.

[deactivated user]

    DL!!! I thought this program helped the animals is a good answer!


    Duolingo accepts the two answers right but are these both right? I thought that this program helped the animals I thought that this program would help the animals. Can someone explain difference between helped and would help ?


    In fact, they both work the same way in Portuguese.


    There little difference in meaning between "that program helped" and "that program would help".


    Helped= ajudou; would help= ajudasse


    Para um falante nativo, as duas frases se parecem. Nelas, entende-se que o programa acabou não ajudando as animais - diferente do que se esperava. (Foi um fracasso.)

    Eu pensei que o programa ajudasse os animais, [mas eu me enganei].

    I thought that program helped/would help the animals, [but I was mistaken]..


    Of course. When you translate Helped to portuguese, it means: ajudou; when you use a modal verb with help, it means, in my language: poderia ajudar or ajudasse. Gotta?


    Esse = that and este = this. My sentence was accepted: "I thought that that program helped the animals".


    can someone explain me does this sentence mean that the program still helps animals and you are expressing your doubt or it means that the program once helped, but not anymore? What is the exact meaning of the word ''ajudasse'' and the past subjunctive?


    Eu pensei que esse programa ajudasse os animais, [mas eu me enganei]. = but I was mistaken.

    To quote: "The imperfect subjunctive in Portuguese often expresses frustrated past wishes when it turns out that what you supposed to be true was mistaken."


    Ok, thank you. This is the hardest lesson so far.


    That that in the answer, maybe could have a mistake


    It's correct.

    Eu pensei que esse programa ajudasse os animais.
    I thought that that program helped the animals.

    that = conjunction
    that = demonstrative adjective


    Is the answer using "would help" actually a subjunctive? Would it not be " Eu pensei que esse programa ajudaria os animais"?


    Would " project " be a correct translation for programa? P.S. that that doesn't feel right ( is this more commonly used in Br or Pt Português?) Thanks MB

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