Getting bored of a language.

So recently I've been getting really bored of Spanish. I just don't seem to care about it anymore and I'm not sure why. I can't just give up the language though, because I'm taking it for GCSE.

(if anyone doesn't know what GCSE's are, they're basically these exams you take in the UK that basically determine whether you'll get into a good college/6th form or not)

Does anyone have any advice on how to stay motivated and not get bored of a language?

March 18, 2017


Get invested in a Spanish tv show. For example, if you really like soap operas, find a Spanish one that will make you want to keep up with the story everyday.

If you ever were to go to Spain or Mexico where would you go? What would you want to see? Learn more about it, what towns are in the area you'd want to see, what's transportation like, what kind of foods would you try while you're there.

Find a penpal. Preferably someone that speaks less than, or as much English as you do Spanish so that you're forced to use quite a bit of Spanish while talking to them rather than falling back on English.

That's all I can come up with off the top of my head, good luck :)

March 18, 2017

You probably don't need to do anything - this phrase of the learning process will probably pass on its own. In the meantime, to minimise the frustration, don't add any new lessons for a while, just keep the tree gold for a while, and with any luck in a week or two you'll feel really confident in what you're doing, and you'll be ready to move on again.

March 18, 2017

And, if you do not really care about streaks, don't force yourself to learn. It won't make you like learning Spanish. To learn to love Spanish/any tongue, one must sometimes have breaks when he or she feels tired. Buy that Streak freeze, go out walking, or something like that. You will feel much better and more motivated to learn Spanish/any language afterwards.

March 18, 2017

For me, being somewhat non-social, I do not envision using the language significantly in social situations, so it would have been very easy for me to become bored with the language. However, that is also true with my native English, and I do in fact sometimes forget how to spell words when I have not had a reason to use them for quite some time. In my case, that occurs with legal terms and concepts. Nonetheless, I am politically motivated, and at some point I would like to translate some of my pro se legal work into Spanish so that I can put our American judicial system on display for what it really is: a blatantly politicized system with very, very few honest players. So, having a use for Spanish (and Esperanto, Mandarin, Russian, etc.) gives me a motivation outside of the language itself for learning to use it. I recently finished my Duolingo tree in Spanish, and I am within eyesight of all of my remaining exercises in Esperanto. The thrill of completing something can be addictive.

March 18, 2017

You can find something interesting (like a show) that's only in Spanish and try to learn as much Spanish as possible so that you'd understand the show.

You could also try to find someone Spanish to talk to so that in order to actually understand them and for them to understand you, you'd have to learn Spanish. Actually having someone to talk to is often pretty helpful.

March 18, 2017

Be warned: This post is quite long....

I've been having this problem recently too, and I find that a break here and there helps me when I get bored of learning German and French. Though I'd kindly suggest that you don't take a break for too long, or you'll start to forget what you have already learned. Or you'll just never get any work done for months on end...Like I've done before...So be cautious when taking your breaks! But if you really need a break, take it. You might exhaust yourself otherwise, and burnout.

Learning a language is tough, and you don't have to do it all in one go. Please do keep that in mind. Besides, they say that taking breaks helps increase productivity, so there's no need to overwork yourself if you can help it!

But I'd also like to say that, like a few others have been saying on this thread, finding a show to watch in Spanish may help keep you interested in learning. Books and podcasts are great for that too. I also just remembered this site you can use: Make it fun for you to learn! Switch things up a little!

Setting goals for yourself can also help with motivation. Don't set them impossibly high, make it manageable. Put it at your pace. Don't compare your goals to others, too. That is a slippery slope one doesn't want to go down on...It doesn't matter if someone has bigger goals than yours, or that they're doing things faster than you are. What matters is what works for YOU. Again, go at your own pace!

But above all else, to keep you motivated, remind yourself of the reasons that you're learning Spanish. You mentioned that you're taking it for your GCSE, but are their any other reasons behind learning it? If not, then it may be that you've gotten bored of learning it because "you have to", like a sort of chore you made for yourself.

Things can get rather boring/dry when people view them as unfun, and more like a chore they are forced to do against their will. But if there are other reasons behind you learning Spanish, keep them in mind. Write them down if you have to. Tell yourself it's important for you to learn Spanish because x, y, and z.

Maybe you love the language itself, maybe you like Spanish culture, maybe you want to move to a Spanish speaking country later in life, or you're learning it for a future career. I have no way of knowing. But you do. So, whatever it is, make sure its important to you; that it's personal and close to your heart. Make it something that'll drive you to learn and further your Spanish skills.

I don't know for sure if any of this applies to you, but I hope this helps you, even if only a little bit! :)

March 18, 2017

Apply the language to the other things you like in life.If you're doing other GCSE's have a look on Wikipeadia in Spanish at the biographies of people you may be covering in history or some of the events .Check out in Spanish the cities and features you may be be covering in Geography.Have a look at the Spanish summaries of the Shakespeare play you may be doing in English or look up the social aspects of some of the science yo may be doing.All of this may help you with the other subjects as well as consolidating your Spanish. Secondly explore your passions hobbies and pastimes in Spanish (sport ,music, cinema literature, anime etc).Learn some songs , steal some tunes and try writing your own !! Being able to explain what you do and don't like will be invaluable at GCSE , A1 and A2 oral examinations and later on when you meet Spanish speaking people you'll have plenty to talk about. Here's a good place on youtube to start .

Good luck.

March 19, 2017

As others have said, when I get bored of learning (French, in my case), I step away from it for a while. I eventually pick it back up again. Sometimes you just need a break, especially if you've been spending a lot of time with it recently. If you're interested, you could also try learning a different language on the side, such as German, something that's not like Spanish at all and that you just want to learn for fun.

March 18, 2017

Do you like languages generally? Did you like Spanish a lot at some point? If so, being bored right now might mean that you feel stuck. Go do something, whatever, different. Are you tired of studying? Go watch tv, in Spanish. Do something cool, in Spanish. Hopefully this helps...

March 19, 2017
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