"We would like bananas and ugali please!"

Translation:Tunaomba ndizi na ugali tafadhali!

March 18, 2017

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Usually you don't have to say tafadhali in the end if you use -omba, because you already used the kind form of asking for something. Or does it depend to the region?


It might be regional. Emilian and Rehema are native Swahili speakers and teach the language, so I would like to think most of the actual Swahili is legit, even if the English in the course is dodgy in places. But I can't guarantee it.


I was wondering that myself. I wonder if they are anglifying it. It is not common usage.


Bananas and ugali? Why not sakuma wiki and ugali? :D


"Tungependa" literally means "we would like". "Tunaomba" means "we ask for/request/beg". "Tunataka" means "we want". It would be nice to have better English translations to avoid problems later, when learners need a finer tuned understanding.


"Tunataka" is also a legitimate translation of "we would like" even if it's not allowed though it does have the sense of "we want."


What is the plural form of bananas and what is the singular form???

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