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  5. "Мій батько тут."

"Мій батько тут."

Translation:My father is here.

March 18, 2017



I am a bit confused about how to use моя and мій :/

[deactivated user]

    The form depends on the gender of the noun:

    • мій is used with masculine singular nouns: мій ба́тько ‘my father’, мій стіл ‘my table’,
    • моя is used with feminine singular nouns: моя ма́ти ‘my mother’, моя ла́мпа ‘my lamp’,
    • моє is used with neuter singular nouns: моє люсте́рко ‘my mirror’.

    There’s also мої, used with plural nouns regardless of their gender: мої батьки́ ‘my parents’, мої столи́ ‘my tables’, мої ма́тері ‘my mothers’, мої ла́мпи ‘my lamps’, мої люсте́рка ‘my mirrors’.

    The gender of the noun is often tricky to identify. For living people, the gender usually corresponds to their real gender: words denoting women would be feminine, and words denoting men would be masculine. For non-living things, the gender is usually determined by the word form (masculine words usually end in consonants, feminine words usually end in -а, -я; neuter words usually end in -о, -є, -е), but it’s not always reliable.

    As you learn more Ukrainian, you’ll learn the gender of the words.


    Батько - father, but батьки - parents?

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