What has this hobby done for you?

What has learning other languages done for you personally?

March 18, 2017


makes me smart, aware, creative, adds to my personality and overall opens my eyes to this beautiful world.

March 18, 2017

'adds to my personality' love that.

Keeping my brain in good condition!

I like this idea! Even I need to constantly learn something to keep my brain occupied and to keep it from getting rusty :D

A lot. My mom speaks French fluently and now, thanks to Duolingo, I can talk in her fluently. Duolingo has done a lot for me.

You can speak french fluently now? But your french level is 9? Any tips to improve fast besides speaking to your mother :-)

Do duolingo more often and go to France.

Yes I think the fastest way to learn a language is go to a country where it is spoken. But surely you will need to stay in that country for a long period to be fluent in that language?

My mom modeled in France for two years, and she got REALLY fluent.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm bragging.

Oh right, yes that makes sense. If she lived in France for two years, no wonder she can speak French fluently.

It has allowed me to make friends with people I wouldn't be able to speak to otherwise, as well as, read books, listen music and watch movies without translation. It has also opened up new sources of news to me.

For me it is something that allows me to practice consistency which earns me progression and a constructive end result.

Well, i'm trying to learn spanish, and i am happy about this because it will help me communicate with more people.

Just today I got talking to a pair of Swedes on the bus. While I don't really need it for work, it comes in handy from time to time.

Also, kanelbullar.

It has lead me to more music and literature variety, possible travel opportunities, FOOD, learning about my ancestry, and friendship

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