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Any preschool teachers out there?

Hi guys,

I am a preschool teacher in Virginia and I am learning Spanish to be able to communicate with bilingual families and to also begin teaching my children the basics as well. Has anyone tried this or also wanted to try? Have you found a way to incorporate DuoLingo School into your preschool classrooms? I have a lot more questions so I thought I'd open up a discussion for us to share our ideas and experiences.

Happy learning!

March 19, 2017



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I think Duolingo would be too advanced for preschoolers. I'm not a teacher or anything, but your idea sounds excellent, since it's easier and best to learn languages when you're a young child. I wish I had.


Duolingo does require reading skills, which most preschoolers do not have.


You should try moving this to the educators forum. You'll meet more teachers there.

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I've got my 6yo using Duo in the two languages she already knows, to practise reading, writing, translation, and possibly to increase her vocabulary. She likes the idea of using it to support learning another language, but doesn't really have the patience for a whole skill session. Her 4yo sister, who can't read yet, isn’t interested at all.


I'm not a teacher myself so please take all this with a grain of salt:

It seems as though Duolingo isn't good enough for someone still in the learning-a-language-as-a-native time of life.

https://www.parentmap.com/article/say-what-exploring-language-immersion-preschools has more info on how some preschools teach foreign languages. :D

https://www.parentmap.com/article/dual-immersion-foreign-language-schools has an example I like:

...Teachers understand that children can’t speak the language when they walk in, so they use plenty of visual cues to help students along, Houk says.

For example, a teacher will say, “Quítate la chaqueta y cuélgala aquí!” which means: “Take off your coat and hang it over here!”

While the teacher speaks the words, he or she also points to a coat, demonstrates removing it and points to “over here.”

“It’s just amazing what kids can do when we get out of their way,” Houk says...

Here the language being taught isn't limited to one block of time within the school day and isn't limited to lessons, it's everywhere - including little mundane things like hanging up your jacket that might not be on the curriculum. It's almost like a family teaching a baby their native language(s). :D

That seems much better than just putting kids in front of screens to play educational software or having them watch a teacher use educational software. ;)


my sister is one


Hello! This does indeed sound like a great idea, and while I did not attend preschool in my youth, I wish now that I had been exposed to two, three, twenty languages when I was a little sponge back then! Perhaps it could be something you incorporate into your lessons, but not so much on their ends. If you bring up the lessons on your computer or one-on-one device, you could go through the lessons, dictating things and translating them, and then having them translate and pronounce things back to you! Then, as the year progresses, you could start to teach them how to read and write in Spanish. Quite a commendable endeavor, my friend! Keep up the inspiration, motivation, and good work! =D

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