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Skype partners for French, Arabic & English...

Hi, my name is Amber, I am from Canada and practicing Arabic and refreshing my French through here. I would love to practice daily, speaking 1 on 1 or group chats if possible. If anyone is interested please Comment. I did make a group on Duo, but would like to connect through skype & with native speakers. Thank you :)

March 19, 2017



I speak Arabic and English, and I am learning french.


.. السلام عليكم. . Thank you for the comment! If you use skype, when you add please put "Duolingo Request " so I know to add you (or anyone else reading this) Maybe we can eventually do a group chat, if we have enough (Edit: I took my skype ID off for now until this gets more comments for group) Merci!


The Duolingo forums aren't great for finding language exchange partners. It can be worth posting in the individual language forums, but even then, you rely on someone happening to be looking for a language exchange partner at the same time as you. Have a look at this post about how to find language exchange partners: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1444346.

There are sites dedicated to putting language learners in touch with each others. Have a look at the list of language exchange sites on the Multilingual learning resources page on the Duolingo Wiki.


Thank you so much for sharing these ! :-)


I'm learning French, are you? I would love to practice with partner on skype if you still learning?

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