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I find clubs to be a great motivator because you're competing with a small group of people. I was wondering if there were any very competitive Swahili clubs out there? I define competitive as about 3 people in the group have >300 XP for the week? If so, can I join? If not, are there any people out there that is interested in joining a highly competitive club? If so, I'll create one.

March 19, 2017



To answer all the topics here I'll comment up here: I'm using both the Website for Windows PC and the app with my Android Phone. Clubs are available in the App, and I joined a Swahili Club last week. From the "weekly leaderboard" I can tell there are by now 4 out of 14 People doing more than 300 XP the week. Feel free to Join, the Code for this one is 9MT6BH Karibu sana! I also find this kinda competition very useful ;)


Wondering this too. Also wondering if it's available on mobile devices yet, I saw it's been released into limited beta but I wonder when this means we can access it in the duolingo app.


I'm pretty sure it's available on iOS devices only, and I have it on my iPod, so maybe at this stage web, Android and Windows Phone users just have to wait?


Both clubs and the Swahili course is available on Android devices!


I don't have a club sorry but I'd be happy to join!


I would be happy to compete with you SDPhil. But it looks like you are not even taking the swahili course...? Join mine if you want. C7UH9T. /Peace, B

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