"She is expecting a baby."

Translation:Mae hi'n disgwyl babi.

March 19, 2017



Is Mae hi'n aros babi also possible or only disgwyl?

Or in other words, what's the difference between aros and disgwyl; what sort of things is which word used for?

March 19, 2017


aros - 'waiting', 'staying', sometimes 'stopping':

  • Maen nhw'n aros gartref - They're staying at home
  • Mae Siân yn aros am y bws - Siân's waiting for the bus (note - aros am = 'waiting for'.
  • Arhoswch fa'ma! - Stop/Wait just here!

disgwyl - 'expecting' (and in some dialects 'looking' or 'waiting for')

  • Mae hi'n disgwyl baban - She's expecting a baby (not aros in this sense)
  • Dyn ni'n disgwyl glaw heno - We're expecting rain this evening
  • Mae'r tîm yn disgwyl colli - The team is expecting to lose.
  • Disgwylwch ar eich hunain - Look after yourselves (mainly in some southern dialects, but also sometimes in more formal Welsh)
  • Dyn ni'n disgwyl y bws - We are expecting the bus (and in some dialects 'waiting for')
  • yn ôl y disgwyl - as expected

If you look up disgwyl and aros on www.gweiadur.com you may perhaps find some examples of expressions using them both.

March 19, 2017
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