"What time do you want to go to bed?"

Translation:Am faint o'r gloch rwyt ti eisiau mynd i'r gwely?

March 19, 2017

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Dear compilers... call me paranoiac if you wish, but it is my perception that when the South Wales word "moyn" appears in one of the sentences, it is always the inaccurate one. There are a lot of welsh speakers in the "moyn" area, I believe.


No, it is just that moyn is a dialect word used as wanting in only some areas of Wales, so we give it less prominence than the more widespread use of the colloquial pattern using the noun eisiau.

Even though the course does not actually teach moyn, it is accepted as an alternative for 'wanting':

  • Am faint o'r gloch rwyt ti eisiau....?
  • Am faint o'r gloch rwyt ti'n moyn...?


Should the rwyt ti currently displayed as the official translation above instead be wyt ti since it's part of a question? I noticed that the reverse sentence currently uses wyt ti.


Following question words to do with when, where, why and how, the form with r- is correct. In the colloquial language it is often dropped, though.

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