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"Nói chung, con chó chạy nhanh hơn con mèo."

Translation:Generally, dogs run faster than cats.

March 19, 2017



It sounds more natural in english to say, "generally, dogs run faster than cats"


Why are classifiers used here? Previously it was not required to include classifiers next to general statements, e.g. "Chó va meo là dộng vật" = "Dogs and cats are animals", but instead were used where a specific object/animal etc was meant or where specifying a quantity of said object/animal, e.g. "Con chó của tôi ăn thịt" = "my dog eats meat", or "sở thú có hai con voi" = "the zoo has two elephants". This sentence appears to specify a specific animal, i.e. "generally the dog runs faster than the cat" but that's not what was intended, and so is apparently wrong.


The real problem seems to be in Duo's command of English, especially where use of articles, both definite and indefinite, is involved. Problems with the use of English articles occur throughout the course. Particularly notable is Duo's tendency to use "the" before abstract nouns.


Yes, I've noticed that too--though English can do this as well.

But as generic dogs running faster than generic cats, dropping the classifiers is Ok and indeed if you go to the Animals2 module you see exactly that accepted.


Why not nhung con meo and nhung con cho?


"the dog runs faster than the cat" should be accepted


Agreed. I just got denied on this for the same reason.


"...the dog runs faster than the cat" should be accepted. If you were going to say "dogs run faster than cats" wouldn't that be just "cho chạy nhanh hơn mèo?"?

Go to the Animals2 module, and you'll see this rule being enforce. So why is it being zapped as wrong here?


Why is "the dog runs faster than the cat"


Why is that answer wrong?


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On duolingo


Tôi có thể hỗ trợ gì cho bạn về học tiếng Việt ? Rất tiếc, Duo không có phần trao đổi cá nhân trên điện thoại.

~ I am Vietnamese. How can I help you with learning Vietnamese ? Unfortunately, Duo does not have personal chat on the phone.


Yes, but can it mean that?


But dogs don't climb trees.

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