"The personnel gets tired slowly."

Translation:Personalul obosește greu.

March 19, 2017

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No idea how this sounds to Americans, but in several ways (word order, singular vs plural verb, use of term "The personnel") this just isn't a normal / natural sentence in British English. Re-phrasing it would really mean understanding what the author is trying to say / emphasize. The earlier debate seems to suggest that it's hard to know the best Romanian if the English is so unclear / unnatural.


It sounds very strange to this American!


The phrase, personalul obosește greu, seems awkward. Would this be better?Personalul nu obosește ușor


'The personnel get tired slowly', surely? Personnel is used to refer to a singular group of people.


If they are going to use a word in a different context than they originally introduced to us, then they need to make it a new (highlighted) word again.

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