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"Esa palabra no aparece en la lista."

Translation:That word does not appear on the list.

March 11, 2014



In English, I'd say that both "in the list" and "on the list" are acceptable, but the only acceptable answer is "on the list." Might be a regional thing, but I dunno.


Both mean (effectively) the same thing ( to a native English speaker). Just another DL non use of colloquial English.


Absolutely! "In the list" should also be accepted.


"in the list" should be accepted.


You hear this in the comments a lot. "That word does not appear in the (hover/hint) list (and I got it wrong)."


Well, the Owl wanted to know what we were talking about. So, since this is a crowd sourced site, we had to translate it for him :)


So that is the Owl himself speaking to us directly. He's telling us that a word someone wrote does not appear on the database list, and that he will have to do some research to see if it can be accepted. Makes sense.



“What intelligent things you say sometimes ! One would think you had studied.” ― Cervantes, Don Quixote


Yes. You'd think I knew what I was talking about (almost), if you didn't know any better. -- That is how we phrased it back in my carpenter days. I didn't realize it was based on a well-known quote. Funny how sayings evolve.


I put "That word is not seen in the list." but it was not accepted.


I guess you hear me say that all the time, right, Duo?


Why can't you translate this as "That word isn't on the list"? It means the same thing in English, and it sounds far more natural than "that word doesn't appear on the list."


Your sentence is "Esa palabra no está en la lista." The verb in your sentence is estar. The verb in the Duolingo sentence is aparecer. Duolingo does not like students changing verbs and will almost always mark it wrong it you do so. Duolingo is trying to teach something specific, perhaps it is the introduction of the verb aparecer. Why fight it. learn it and move on.


I think duo lingo has started to read the comments


"That word does not appear in the list" should be accepted.


"in the list" would work around occasionally around the southern appalachians.


On the list and in the list are interchangeable phrases in some parts of the country...

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"That word doesn't appear on the list" is good English. How else would you say it in Spanish?


Do you hear that, Duo?


Could the Spanish Hover Function please learn this sentence and engrave it on its heart?

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