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  5. "We eat the same meals."

"We eat the same meals."

Translation:Nous mangeons les mêmes repas.

February 25, 2013



Isn't "same" an adjective? That therefore has to come AFTER the noun? I'm a little confused there.


There's a bit of a nuance to the placement of adjectives (that I'm yet to pick up on). There's more information here http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/adjectives_4.htm. It seems that adjectives before the noun have a figurative meaning, whereas adjectives after the noun have a literal meaning.

So here même is placed before the noun because we aren't literally eating the same meal off the same plate, but we've perhaps ordered the same thing at a restaurant.


That was my thought too, based on BAGS. Though I've been having a difficult time with word order througout the pronoun section... maybe mêmes is like a pronoun here referring to the meals?


When used as an adjective (in the sense of 'same'), 'même' comes before the noun. You just have to remember this because it obviously doesn't fit in the BANGS scheme. For example: Il veut la même chose = He wants the same thing.

Of course, 'meme' can be used in many different senses. One very common use is in the formation of the pronouns 'myself', himself' etc. For example: moi-meme = myself, lui-même = himself, elle-même = herself, vous-même = yourself (plural or formal), elles-mêmes = themselves (feminine), eux-mêmes = themselves (masculine)...


Does word order really matter here? Cause I put repas memes. Maybe word order does matter...


Can you also use on mange les mêmes repas?


I did! And it was accepted (2/20/2015)


So repas is the plural and singular form?


Obviously because I tried "Nous mangeons les memes des repas" and it said I was wrong ...


I think you were marked wrong because you added the unnecessary article 'des'.


Is 'Nous mangeons le même repas.' translated as 'we eat the same meal'?


Yes, if you use "le" instead of "les". That is, "le repas" = the meal, and "les repas" = the meals

Of course, if you are talking of "les repas" an 's' would have to be appended to même, i.e. it would be "les mêmes repas" (versus "le même repas)

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