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"No, no, I am not here because of that."

Translation:Nein, nein, deswegen bin ich nicht hier.

February 25, 2013



Can this sentence be translated to "No, no, that's why I am not here."? In which case, the English has a different meaning (as in, perhaps a note from a deceased person (morbid, I know)). And if not, what would be the German translation be of that?


Can "Doch" be used in place of "Nein, nein"?


Why cant "darum" be used here?


I used -darum- instead of -deswegen- and did not lose a heart 10May14


I would like to know - I tried "Nein, nein, Ich bin nicht hier darum" and lost a heart - DL said darum is wrong. =(


English:,"No, no, I am not here because of that."

Can "Nein, nein, ich bin nicht hier deswegen" be accepted?

I still make some mess with word order, even if I should know German to a good extent.


I am not the best to explain German syntax, but I give it a try none the less. All the sentences that I came up with with "deswegen" in it, have the "deswegen" in either first or third place (before or after the conjugated verb).

Normal word order: Deswegen bin ich nicht hier. Special word order 1: Nicht deswegen bin ich hier. But then you have to explain why you are here. Special word order 2: Ich bin deswegen nicht hier. Also in this case you need some more explanation.


Thanks, I will stick to first position then. :)


Can't darum be used here?


Duo claims that it can.


You do not agree?


It accepted "deshalb". My old dictionary traslates both words as "therefore". Surely they differ!

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