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falling hearts

I'm losing hearts left and right today. All those little words are killing me--like et, est, c'est, du, des, sommes, etc. Does it just take lots of practice??

February 25, 2013



At the moment you might be thinking "what goes with tu and what goes with elle?" but I think that you will learn to remember groups of words instead of puzzling every time.


First, try to learn the "être" conjugation: je suis, tu es, il/elle/on est, nous sommes, vous êtes, ils/elles sont.

Then, "c'est" and "ce sont" are pretty much like "this is" and "these are", although they are often translated as "he is / she is" and "they are".

un, une, des = indefinite masculine/feminine/plural article

le, la, les = definite masculine/feminine/plural article

"de + le" = "du", but "de + la" remains "de la"

"de + les" = "des" (not to be confused with indefinite "des")

"à + le" = "au", but "à + la" remains "à la"

"à + les" = "aux"

I hope that helps. Anyway, when you do exercises, always ask yourself: do I understand all the words and grammar? Why do they use "sommes" here and not "est"? If you don't know the answers, look for grammar explanations or ask your questions in the Discussion section.


Thank you for these ideas. I really appreciate them and have been doing much better the last two days.

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