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translate CC-licensed book?

So there is this book I want to have translated. Its available in english and should be translated to as many languages as possible. It's 300 pages - a lot of work.

The book is CC-licensed, so its open for everyone to translate (and if there are worrisome details I can always contact the author).

Basically the question is a) is Duo able to do a whole book b) is it inside the rules to do so?

The book contains (or is) a how-to and includes details of one political party (descriptions of events and experiences). Author attribution can only be made by "Duolingo community" and not every single name, as there are probably hundrets that would have to be manually added.

March 11, 2014



Right now, you wouldn't be able to upload 300 pages at once :/ The immersion view isn't yet designed for an entire book, but for articles.


oh, I just have seen you are an admin :( So no legal and "rules" problem with a whole book? Some could say I am "using" the people here.

In this case its CC non-commercial, but there are books where you could sell the translations.


I guess it wouldn't be a problem licensing-wise, the non-commercial translation tier notes that: "Translation is free for content released under a creative commons license."

As to how you can upload the book, I've no idea as the translator only takes web pages as input.


Thats not a problem, I can always split the text into several parts and upload as a website. Does not have to be nice, so fire up LibreOffice, save as website and upload. Thats done in 1-2 hours work ;)

In fact, the writer has a big chunk of his book on his website, but the site does not need translating ;) So its easier to re-upload it.

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