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Advice on Languages

Hey guys, so I made this video of me speaking the 5 languages I know the best because I don't live in a huge city so I don't get a lot of speaking practice, or the chance to converse with native speakers in these languages so I was hoping you guys could give me some constructive criticism:) Thank you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_U4UAYY1R0

March 19, 2017



First of all: You are insanely brave to make a video and ask for suggestions. Immense props for that.

It might have been my computer but I had to turn the sound way up to be able to hear you well. But like I said, that could have been on my end.

I'll only comment on Spanish because I don't know your other languages.

Be careful with the past tense of first person -ir verbs. You have to emphasize the last syllable: empecé

Work on that broad "a" sound:
palabras (not pelabras)

CHINESE? You are my hero!!!

Seriously, super well done! I don't see how you keep such similar languages separate in your head. That was really great!


Thanks so much! and yeah I almost didn't make it but I figure you have to make mistakes in order to improve. Thank you so much for the tips:)


Awesome, keep uploading great videos!


Wow you are really good!


You have my greatest respect - oh and huge congrats - for that video! Though I woudn't have been able to understand a single thing out of the non-english part without the subtitles, i am really impressed. You have such courage! So I also watched your German-cramming video. Now since German is a language I actually understand...that video impressed me even more. What you achieved in merely a night took others weeks to get into their heads. And I'm not only talking about the words but the pronuntiation. Yeah it was very English, but for only one night it was also very good! In my eyes you have a huge potential and should you decide hanging on to German and ever be in a situation where you need help; I would be pleased to help you.


Oh wow thank you so much!:D That means a lot, danke:)


your Spanish is pretty good :) !! I'm also trying to learn some languages like French, Farsi , German and improve my English a little bit. Greetings from Costa Rica ! :)


Muchas gracias! Best of luck with your studies:)


Hi - Good on you !! and I think your Italian accent is pretty good !

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