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"Hoạ đã lấy đoá hoa của nhà hoá học gửi đến Sao Hoả."

Translation:The painter took the flower of the chemist and sent it to Mars.

March 20, 2017



ok, clearly this is an attempt at wordplay on the effect of various tones on "hoa", but ironically there's no audio to make it effective....


Question: if there is a past tense in the first part of the sentence, does that make the entire sentence in the past tense?


Such a stupid sentence .if the purpose was to show different ways of pronouncing hoa why there is no audio attached ? If not then this is clearly just a joke of a sentence to kill even the most laborous students!

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Why is gửi in the past tense? The sentence can work in either tense (at least as an exercise in forms of hoa)


The particle "đã" is somewhat like English auxiliary verb "did", which turns the sentence into past tense.


How would you do mixed tense? He took...and sends them...


"Hoạ sĩ đã lấy đoá hoa của nhà hoá học và bây giờ ông/bà gửi nó đến Sao Hoả."

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That's true but doesn't answer the question: how do you say "the painter took ... and sends ...". "Take" precedes "send" in time so the past tense makes sense, but send can be in the present (or future)


I have answered it as a reply to the comment above.


I understand it is an attempt to show hoa pronounced with various tones, but it would have been much more effective with a recording


wow- what horrible teaching examples

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