"Siamo in agosto."

Translation:We are in August.

February 25, 2013

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Would "siamo a agosto" be accepted as well? Are these interchangeable? I am struggling to find a clear answer on this, but I haven't managed.


Yes undomielle, those are interchangeable. But it is preferable "siamo AD agosto" because agosto starts with "a" (it is a matter of "sound").

P.S. I am Italian mother tongue, you can see how bad is my English. Bye! :-)


So "ad agosto" and "in agosto" mean exactly the same? I can use whichever crosses my mind first?


Yes bluth12, they are exactly the same thing:

«In agosto fa caldo» or «Ad agosto fa caldo» = «In August it's hot».

You can use what you prefer. Bye!


Ah, good, another student wondering what I have been wondering (see above - no reply, booh). Yes, quite confused as to when to use IN and when to use A in front of months.


I answered as duolingo expected but I think they should allow, 'It is August'. I have never heard an english speaker say this.


We say this in English. What month are we in now?/We're in August. It's perfectly fine.

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    Perfectly fine? I have my doubts, but it certainly isn't wrong. It's August is more likely imo.


    Si! If someone asks me, "What month is it?" It would be perfectly natural to say "It's August"


    They allow "It is August" now. I've never heard "We are in [month]" in English, either.


    Who in their right mind would normally say we are in August? This is August, this is August, this is the month of August - yes

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      Of course, the real translation is It is August.


      Non è vero, siamo in settembre


      So in Italian months are not capitalized?


      I guess not, it is the same in Swedish actually. No capital letters for months.


      Actually, a lot of languages don't capitalize months or days of the week, it seems.


      Not every language even names them, Vietnamese calls them „month one, month two“.


      English months are named directly after the Latin ones, which can be seen in all Romance languages, too. Some of them have special names but really, all of them were originally just numbers. The Roman year started in March (named after war god Mars), which made it the month n° 1 –> for example September (literally "seventh") has no special name. August is named after the emperor August (Augustus). October, November, December: 8th, 9th and 10th months.


      Adesso, siamo a juigno


      I've never heard a native speaker say "we are in August" when they could say "It's August". Actually, I've never heard a native speaker say "we are in August"...


      We're is the same as we are. Why day Duolingo it is fault?


      Why are typo' s now being made errors?


      Any reason why this question won't accept the answer? Keeps telling me I'm typing English


      I find Duolingo difficult to understand how it works, sometimes it allows words with two letters or other minor typing mistakes and sometimes it puts you in the red for translating a sentence starting with a low case vowel.


      I responded in italian but it kept saying I responded in english


      This asked me to type what I hear which is Siamo in agosto, I type that and it tells me to type in Italian!

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