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"Neue Schränke kosten mehr als die alten."

Translation:New cupboards cost more than the old ones.

March 20, 2017



I got it wrong for not literally translating to "the old ones". I left the article off. Sometimes being a translator makes this more difficult.


I did this. 'more than old ones' sounds more natural in English, I'd only really say 'the old ones' if I had the two sets of cupboards right in front of me


"more than old ones" (mehr als alte) IMO has a different meaning from "more than the old ones" (mehr als die alten) in both languages.


Well in essence that's what I am saying about the English phrase. If you are comparing new cupboards to old cupboards in general then you'd say "New cupboards cost more than old ones" whereas if you were comparing new cupboards to specific cupboards then you'd say "New cupboards cost more than the old ones" or even "These new cupboards cost more than the old ones". To me, unless you are like a furniture trader or something the latter sounds a lot more unusual.

I'm not sure which the German phrase means but the Duo translation into English either implies a pretty unusual situation or it is very unnatural as a sentence.


Doesn't mehr als die älteren translate to more than the older ones?


You're right, I used comparative, which is not there in the original sentence. I'll correct my post above.


Can "Schränke" be translated as "closets"? Google seems to indicate so, but Duolingo marks it wrong.


It most definitely can, report it next time you come across this.


An idiom? Sounds like German fiscal responsibility


Not that I knew...


Some of the words for the English translation were not present in the word bank. This keeps happening.


neü is this a was of writing neue? it was in the correct translation


neü is this a was of writing neue?

No, it isn't.

Duo thinks that because you can write schön as schoen or müde as muede (for those who have no umlauts), that you can replace all sequences of ue with ü and turn words such as neue Frauen into neü Fraün. Unfortunately, that's simply nonsense in German.


Cupboards are like closets, but if you're going out to buy one, you'll probably buy a cabinet. I believe "cabinet" should be accepted.


I believe "cabinet" should be accepted.

No. Schränke is plural, so singular "cabinet" is not an appropriate translation.


Please verify that "cabinets" is acceptable.


Please verify that "cabinets" is acceptable.

There are accepted translations that include the word "cabinets".

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