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"I saw you at the market yesterday"

Translation:Jana nilikuona sokoni

March 20, 2017



is it a beta error or can't you put "jana" at the end of the sentence?


This is just my opinion, but I think you could put it anywhere, depending on how you were thinking about the situation at the time: "Jana nilikuona sokoni", "Nilikuona jana sokoni", "Nilikuona sokoni jana."


The general rule is to place time nouns at the END of a sentence - when it is at the beginning of the sentence it places emphasis on the time!


niliwaoneni should also be correct? At least in other questions they want 'you' plural.

I am getting crazy of this 2nd person singular/plural issue! In the first lessons they used 'you all' for plural, but they forgot about this pretty quickly.


I agree. Context might change the position, but the answer should be accepted whether jana is at the beginning or the end.


either infix -wa- or -ku- should be accepted unless the context specifies singular or plural

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