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Is Duolingo Becoming Less Popular?

I haven't been online for a while and Duolingo seems like a dessert! Not many people seem to be online anymore, I've even un-followed my followers because they're not active anymore, even with high language levels! Can anyone explain why?

March 20, 2017



People left when they killed immersion and started killing off the boards by trying to micro-manage other people's conversations and deleting intelligent conversation whilst encouraging nonsense.


StormGirl, I second that observation. The majority of my friends are certainly less active after immersion ended. Some of the long streakers have quietly disappeared, or said their goodbyes. And I too am much less active, although it is true that I have been able to re-gild a lot of lessons. I try to contribute to the forums to keep them alive and to nourish new and old learners. But it is so quiet compared to in the heyday of immersion.



There are more active

on the language lessons

than rather on the forums


I'm a little confused... Nice website!


I think it is because the immersion section has been removed from the website a few months ago.


This is a likely cause with the necessary premise that the OPs inactive friends and followers used immersion.


I'm agree with you!!


I think you mean 'desert' - not dessert (yum!)


How do you know that not many people are not on line any more? Is that an assumption on your part or do you have some evidence to support your claim?


Just all my followers aren't really active, I don't see many discussions and people with incredibly high day streaks have none now. I just think that it doesn't seem to be as active, fun and popular, what's your opinion?

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