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  5. "I gemmer jer."

"I gemmer jer."

Translation:You are hiding.

March 20, 2017



Why does this sentence need two different kinds of "you" on each end?

[deactivated user]

    Because it's reflexive. Literally: "You hide yourselves"


    Forstår ikke hvorfor Duolinguo accepterer ikke oversætnineg "You hide yourself"- på engelsk er det riktigt


    If I have got this right it is because ‘I’ in Danish refers to a group of people. You need to use ‘yourselves’ which is the plural form. ‘I gemmer jer’ = You (people) are hiding yourselves. ‘Du gemmer dig’ = You (individual) are hiding yourself.


    How can we know whether this means that they are in a state where they are hidden or whether they are in the progress of getting into such a state? Is it ambiguous, like in the "you sit on the sofa" sentence, which can mean "you are sitting there continuedly" as well as "you are taking a seat there at this moment"?


    Had to speak this phrase 5 times and each time i got it wrong. Something is wrong


    It would be really helpful if this construct came before the English to Danish construct, that way people could learn.

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