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"Nosotros somos del mismo continente."

Translation:We are from the same continent.

March 20, 2017



we are of the same continent????


I'm assuming it's just the way Duolingo wants it to be. While "we are of the same continent" would be correct, English speakers would generally say "we are from the same continent."


totally agree, this should accepted, i've already reported.


What a coincidence!


And we are all from the same planet


Why isn't it 'we are on the same continent'?


You could be a visitor. Thus not from nor of.....


When describing non physical relationships with prepositions the choice of WHICH preposition is determined much more by common agreement than by some predetermined relationship ( I know this one is kind of reality based but what I've said is still true.) Realize that, of the following, the one you prefer has more to do with your home language and dialect than true relationship: I think of/on/about you. why do we say ON purpose but BY accident and EL lunes but ON Monday. Its language, dig in and learn! It will never all make sense the way you want it to. For that, go take a math course. (maths for you Brits!)

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