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Stress and Suffixes that 'Refuse' Stress

So apparently the basic stress rule for Turkish is that it goes on the last syllable of a word, though some words are irregular (İs–TAN–bul, for instance).

However, Steven Woodward's 2015 article 'Putting stress where it belongs: Stress rules for Turkish language learners' and Kabak and Vogel's 2001 article 'The phonological word and stress assignment in Turkish' both indicate that some suffixes in Turkish 'refuse' the stress. (This means that the stress instead falls right before said suffix).

Both articles give some examples of such suffixes, but neither seems to include a comprehensive list... (and each article mentions a few that the other doesn't).

So, does anyone which of the Turkish suffixes 'refuse' stress? or where such a list of suffixes might be found?


1 year ago



You can find below a link to a list in Turkish. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


1 year ago


Thank you very much! Grazie mille...

1 year ago